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IrfanView 3.99


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IrfanView 3.99  Change Log

  • Option to Search files (File menu or Thumbnails, Hotkey: CTRL+F)
  • Support for PDF export (PlugIn) (Thanks to ComSquare AG)
  • New Thumbnails option: Load file list from TXT
  • New zoom workwise: Centered zoom or based on old scroll position
  • Zooming and scrolling is now possible in slideshow mode
  • Many new effects added: Unsharp mask, Fish Eye etc. (Thanks to GENiEBEN)
  • New Flash Plugin for Flash 5 or later! (Thanks to Remio)
  • Option to transfer files by FTP (Thumbnails window, PlugIn)
  • Option to set the Start folder (Properties->Misc 2)
  • New image option: Auto adjust colors (Thanks to Andras Horvath,
  • New effect: Chromatic Aberration (Thanks to Thomas Strauss)
  • Support for SIF format (Formats PlugIn)
  • Support for PVR format (DreamCast Texture, Formats PlugIn)
  • Support for AWD format (Artweaver Format, PlugIn)
  • Support for VTF format (Valve Texture Format, PlugIn)
  • WMF format check added, to avoid WMF vulnerability (Thanks to Jakub Debski)
  • New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by portrait/landscape
  • Fullscreen option: Use right mouse button for scrolling (Properties -> Misc 1)
  • Fullscreen option: Set display multiplier (for wide screen displays)
  • New placeholders for EXIF/IPTC: $E, $I => to load all EXIF/IPTC data
  • Command line change for /resample! (see i_options.txt for examples)
  • New command line options: /resize_long, /resize_short (see i_options.txt)
  • New command line option: /panorama=(direction,file1,...,fileN)
  • New command line options: /bright=value, /gamma=value
  • Command line switch for /info: /fullinfo (write EXIF, IPTC and Comment)
  • Updated CRW/CR2 PlugIn, please install newest Canon DLLs (see i_plugins.txt)
  • Option to show a warning on ESC thumbnails exit (Thumbnails options)
  • New options in dialog: Create custom selection
  • Support for MP4 format (Quicktime PlugIn)
  • At request of Luratech: JP2/JPM/LWF/LDF are not available in Batch mode
  • New Hotkey: SHIFT + P = Copy current filename to clipboard
  • Added YUV (4:2:0) format support to Formats PlugIn
  • Help file format changed to CHM (Compatible with Windows Vista)
  • Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (add-all button, ANI/CUR loading, batch text)

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