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6.37 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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FlashGet 1.73

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
FlashGet 0.86May 19, 20001.04 MB
FlashGet 0.87Jun 23, 20001.08 MB
FlashGet 0.88Jul 27, 20001.12 MB
FlashGet 0.94Feb 6, 20011.28 MB
FlashGet 0.95Feb 15, 20011.31 MB
FlashGet 0.96Jun 14, 20011.37 MB
FlashGet 1.0Dec 13, 20011.42 MB
FlashGet 1.2Mar 18, 20021.25 MB
FlashGet 1.3 Add info1.43 MB
FlashGet 1.4 Add info1.69 MB
FlashGet 1.5 Add info1.71 MB
FlashGet 1.6 Add info1.74 MB
FlashGet 1.7 Add info2.39 MB
FlashGet 1.8 Beta 1 Add info3.42 MB
FlashGet 1.8 Beta 2 Add info3.49 MB
FlashGet 1.8 Beta 3 Add info3.50 MB
FlashGet Add info4.41 MB
FlashGet Add info4.42 MB
FlashGet Add info4.43 MB
FlashGet Add info4.43 MB
FlashGet 27, 20084.27 MB
FlashGet 25, 20074.44 MB
FlashGet 1.31Oct 9, 20021.43 MB
FlashGet 1.70 Add info2.39 MB
FlashGet 1.71 Add info2.39 MB
FlashGet 1.72 Add info2.58 MB
FlashGet 1.73 Add info2.93 MB
FlashGet 1.80 Add info3.50 MB
FlashGet 1.80.1002 Add info3.50 MB
FlashGet 1.81Jan 15, 20073.50 MB
FlashGet 1.81.1001 Add info3.50 MB
FlashGet 1.81.1002 Add info3.38 MB
FlashGet 1.82Mar 20, 20073.29 MB
FlashGet 1.82.1001 Add info3.29 MB
FlashGet 1.82.1002 Add info3.29 MB
FlashGet 1.82.1003 Add info3.82 MB
FlashGet 1.82.1004 Add info3.91 MB
FlashGet 1.84May 16, 20074.42 MB
FlashGet 1.84.1001 Add info4.42 MB
FlashGet 1.86May 29, 20074.41 MB
FlashGet 1.86.1008 Add info4.41 MB
FlashGet 1.88Jun 15, 20074.41 MB
FlashGet 1.88.1009 Add info4.41 MB
FlashGet 1.90Jun 29, 20074.42 MB
FlashGet 1.92Jul 23, 20074.43 MB
FlashGet 3.0.5 Add info4.44 MB
FlashGet 24, 20095.86 MB
FlashGet 17, 20105.71 MB
FlashGet 16, 20105.92 MB
FlashGet 17, 20127.67 MB
FlashGet 22, 20127.82 MB
FlashGet Add info6.37 MB

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FlashGet Description

FlashGet (Formerly known as JetCar) is a freeware download manager for Microsoft Windows. It was originally available in either paid or advert-supported versions, the latter of which included an Internet Explorer BHO and led to some labelling it as spyware.

Features Include:

  • Integration with web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera (Internet suite), Netscape, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, Avant Browser
  • Can download a sequence of files
  • Download a file from multiple locations
  • Split files to download into sections, and download each section simultaneously
  • Integrated web crawler
  • Language support
  • Support HTTP, FTP, MMS, and RTSP downloads.
  • Manages downloaded files easily.

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