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CuteFTP 4.2.5


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CuteFTP 4.2.5  Change Log

CuteFTP 4.2.5 Build 10.04.1 Release (October 4th)
Text bleed-through in About Box
Removed browser integration feature
Log font corrected
Minor text and bug fixes

6-1-2001 4.2.4
Registration issues
W2K resources usage bug
Site Manager stability increased (auto-save added)
Win98 crash using KB shortcuts
Small Bookmarks bug
Multi-line response bug in parsing server replies
IE integration issues for non-admin W2K systems
Backup serial info issue
Issue with install freezing
Windows ME Freeze issues
Disappearing Bookmarks problem
Small directory changing issues
Multi-line response from server problem

2-14-2001 4.2.3 Build 2.14.1
Cleaner Windows 2000 install process
Browser integration glitch when uploading
Windows 2000 issues. (Can now run as any user on W2K)
CuteHTML LE printing errors
Site Manager entry corruption issue

2-1-2001 4.2.3

IE 5.5 is required to use the Monitor FTP Links function.

Address & phone number on nag screen
Problem with whitespace in registration process
Confusing overwrite prompt

PASV mode now global default
Auto-Update now disabled by default

12-11-2000 4.2.2

Fixed Windows 2000 memory usage problem

12-8-2000 4.2.1

Windows 2000 memory usage problems, to be resolved shortly.

Fixed & simplified browser integration
Anonymous Quick Connect problem
Connection Wizard site creation
Problem with scheduled transfers & dialog boxes
Paste URL feature

\\\"Prompt for user ID/password when login fails\\\" option

11-17-2000 4.2 Final

Fixed User ID & Password problems after failed anon connect
Fixed network browsing under Win 2K
Removed advertising banners
Added transfer type option under Trasnfer menu

10-26-2000 4.2

Fixed folder download problem with server filtering
Fixed problems with leading/trailing spaces on registration items
Fixed Quick Connect password problem
Fixed scheduling crash when no queue items selected
Fixed text-file extension removal problem
Added \\\"Use default settings\\\" option to site properties
Added FileSearch engine to MP3/File Search

10-4-2000 4.2 Beta

Show raw directory listing option added to log window\\\'s right click menu to aid in troubleshooting listing problems.

MVS X server type added that resolves problems experienced connecting to certain MVS servers.

-Bug fixes
Smart Keep Alive not reconnecting upon disconnection - fixed
Browser integration bugs involving FTP link handling in documents - fixed
Macro recording bugs - fixed

9-20-2000 4.2 Beta

Browser integration bugs resolved

9-07-2000 4.2 Beta

Browser Integration. You can use this feature to have CuteFTP monitor FTP links in your browser and use CuteFTP as the default download manager. CuteFTP does not have to be running at the time. You can modify Browser Integration specific settings from Edit|Settings|Browser Integration.

INPUT Command. The Advanced INPUT command in CuteFTP 4.2 is located with a right click in the log window. Its purpose is for advanced users to communicate with an FTP site on the lowest possible level. This feature provides the user with more possibilities for FTP file transfers. For example, if you encounter a site with commands different from the usual FTP commands you can use this feature to provide a very low level interface such as to initiate a site-to-site transfer.

Remote/local filter feature enhanced (you can use local & server filtering simultaneously)
Scripting functionality restored
Option to not use socks and other proxy for local addresses option added
Verify file size on download option added (should not be used with some MVS servers)
\\\"Clear all\\\" option added to log window right-click menu
MP3/File Search engine information updated
Prompt added for user ID and password when connection fails anonymously

-Bug fixes
Toolbar will not show up until program is completely open - fixed
Bookmarks not functioning properly - fixed
File listing still visible even after disconnection - fixed
Adding quick connect sites to Site Manager causes program crash - fixed
Sharing violations/program crash when accessing a server in more than one session - fixed
Date display format (in Site Manager history) not using Windows settings - fixed
Scroll buttons under DUN/LAN connection settings not functioning properly - fixed
Monitor clipboard function not properly getting files/crashing IE - fixed
CuteFTP not configured properly for screen readers - fixed
\\\"Confirm file names\\\" checkbox does not stay marked - fixed
\\\"Use AutoRename Scheme\\\" checkbox does not stay marked - fixed
Abnormal termination errors when downloading a file - fixed
Right-click functions causing window resizing problem in Win95- fixed
File transfer problems on VMS sites - fixed
Scheduled queue not transferring - fixed
Apply button not functioning in edit site dialog - fixed
CuteFTP crashing upon restart after registration - fixed
Right-click shell integration causing windows to resize - fixed
Inaccurate \\\"Out of disk space\\\" error message - fixed

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